Ergon Trucking, Inc., implements family friendly policies that allow the company to attract and retain the best drivers. Ergon Trucking boasts a driver turnover rate of 12 percent, and an average driver tenure of 15 Years.

Ergon Trucking offers competitive pay and outstanding benefits for fewer miles. As an Ergon Trucking driver, you'll spend less time on the road and more time with your family, and you won't have to sacrifice your professional growth or your paycheck to make it happen.

Ergon Trucking is compassionate to your personal needs. We understand that work must sometimes take a backseat to family priorities. In the event of a family or personal emergency, Ergon Trucking will help you find solutions that work for both your career and your personal life.

When you join Ergon Trucking, you'll be driving for a company that's committed to your professional growth and personal success.