See how Ergon Trucking, Inc., worked to solve issues for our customers.

Skyhawk Chemicals
When a Skyhawk Chemical customer had both high expectations and stringent requirements for bulk chemical delivery, it was up to Ergon Trucking to make the difference.

"After multiple trucking companies tried and failed to live up to our customer's expectations, we approached Ergon Trucking about helping us get the job done," explains David Gaspard, Skyhawk Chemicals vice president of sales and marketing. "An Ergon Trucking terminal manager personally visited the customer with my sales representative. After discussing all of their requirements in-depth and inspecting their unloading area and procedures, the terminal manager committed to meeting the requirements no other trucking company would. Ergon Trucking has delivered to this customer for over three years now, and we have not received a single complaint."

Southern Ionics
When a Southern Ionics, Inc., customer launched a campaign with tight turnarounds, it was up to Ergon Trucking to keep things running smoothly.

"Our customer ran a six-month campaign requiring a truckload every four hours. The distance was about 140 miles. They would run wide open, then shut down for a couple of hours, then run wide open again," Sam White, Southern Ionics transportation manager, said. "Keeping trucks scheduled and in the loop without incurring excessive demurrage was a tremendous challenge. Ergon did an outstanding job."

Employee Testimonials

Read the testimonials below and find out what our drivers say about Ergon Trucking, Inc. With a 12% turnover rate,
we must be doing something right!

"When you're driving down the road, you don't want to be safe just for yourself - you want to be safe for others on the road around you. I feel good knowing that Ergon Trucking puts me in the best, safest equipment on the road."

"I've been driving for Ergon Trucking for more than 25 years now. I'm proud to be a part of the company, and that sense of pride isn't just for me. My wife and my kids are proud to be part of the Ergon Trucking family, too."

"Ergon Trucking gives me a good day's wages for a good day's work. It's a great company to drive for."

"Ergon Trucking is a big company that feels like a small one. I can call the main office and say, 'This is Troy,' and they know me immediately. I'm not just an ID number to Ergon Trucking. I'm part of the family."

"Maintaining the equipment and its appearance is very important at Ergon Trucking. My wife is comfortable with me driving their equipment. Even though it's trucking and there are continual logistics that go along with that, my quality of life is also important to them. If there are any questions, they're resolved immediately."