Ergon Trucking, Inc., specializes in the transport of products with rigorous handling requirements, sensitive temperature requirements, critical delivery timing and crucial safety precautions. The company transports a diversity of products, including crude oil; lube oils; asphalt and emulsions; as well as specialty oils, caustics and chemicals.

From the well to the refinery, from the refinery to the processor, from the pipeline to the distributor, or from plant to plant, Ergon Trucking delivers safe, reliable service at a competitive price.

Ergon Trucking measures its success in customer satisfaction. The company focuses on understanding your specific needs, then develops customized services and solutions that keep your business running smoothly. From initial order to product delivery, Ergon Trucking communicates with you at a personal level. It's this close working relationship that makes Ergon Trucking the best choice for your transportation needs.

Headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, Ergon Trucking serves the 48 continental states and Canada. A fleet of 360+ trucks, 421 tanks, 220 lease owners and 170 company drivers log more than 28,000,000 miles each year in service to more than 200 satisfied customers nationwide.